5 Reasons Why French Bulldog Ears Curling Backwards

French Bulldog ears curling backwards due to several possible reasons. This article discusses five common causes and provides a few tips on how you can prevent your french Bulldog from having this issue.

french bulldog ears curling backwards

Four baby french bulldogs. Studio shot

Why is it important to know about their ears?

Ear infections are a common problem among french bulldogs with ears that curl backward. It’s critical to understand what causes them and prevent french bulldog ear problems.

The incidence of ear curling in bulldogs with floppy/drooping ears is greater than that of Frenchies with upright pointed ears. This might be hereditary as well.

Because of the short noses of French bulldogs, they frequently have issues with breathing.

To have a healthy and glossy coat, pom-pom dogs must be groomed on a regular basis at the base of where the tail joins to their body, as it has less fur than other dog breeds. If they get filthy around there, you’ll need specific shampoo; but if it’s only a few particles of dirt, just cleaning with a wet cloth would be enough.

Take your Bulldog to the doctor if they are itchy or lapping at one particular region of their body. Bulldogs are susceptible to skin allergies and diseases, and if your Bulldog is constantly itching or chewing on one area of its body, go see a doctor.

The initial way to avoid french bulldog ears curling backwards is to have their hair around the base of their ears trimmed short. You may also try using a cotton ball soaked in a gentle ear cleaning solution and wiping the interior of their ears once a week. This will aid in the removal of any wax or debris, lowering the chance of an infection.

What are the main concerns with the ear canal of a French Bulldog?

The most common problems with a French Bulldog’s ear canal include infection and curling of the ears backward. If your Frenchie’s ears begin to curl back, go to see a veterinarian as soon as possible to avoid any health issues.

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french bulldog ears curling backwards

Sleepy french bulldog next to radiator

How can I prevent these problems from occurring?

There are a few measures you may take to lower the likelihood of your French Bulldog developing ear problems. Keeping your dog’s hair around its ears short is one way to avoid germs accumulating there. You might try cleaning the insides of your dog’s ears once a week with a cotton ball soaked in a mild ear cleaner solution to prevent wax buildup or dirt accumulation. This will assist in eliminating any accumulated wax or debris, lowering the chance of an infection happening.

Furthermore, it’s critical to keep your Frenchie for regular veterinary visits so that any underlying health concerns may be detected early on. Take your french Bulldog to the doctor if you detect that they are constantly itching or licking one particular area of their body because they might have a skin allergy or problem. You can assist prevent french bulldog ears from curling back by following these tips.

Because of their tiny nares, French bulldogs are at risk of respiratory issues. Because the trail joins to a French bulldog’s body at a lower position than other dog breeds, they require more grooming to avoid their fur from matting or becoming filthy at the base of where the tail joins to their bodies since there is less fur compared with other dogs breeds.

French bulldog ears curling backwards is a common problem that can have serious health consequences if not treated. You can prevent this from happening by removing the dead hair around your dog’s ears, using a mild ear cleaning solution on a cotton ball, and taking them for regular vet checkups.

If you find that your french Bulldog is itching or licking one particular area of its body frequently, visit the doctor right away for an accurate diagnosis. By performing these activities, you may assist keep their health in good shape and avoid any potential health issues.

french bulldog ears curling backwards


Q: When do french bulldogs’ heads get bigger?

The heads of French bulldogs do not get larger as they age. Their skulls, on the other hand, may increase in breadth and depth with time. Some French bulldogs may suffer from hydrocephalus, which is an accumulation of fluid on the brain. This might cause the head to grow considerably in size. If you are concerned that your French Bulldog’s skull is growing excessively large, see your veterinarian immediately.

Q: How to tie your french Bulldog’s nose rope?

The Frenchies’ nose is tied with a strand of string about an inch above their nostrils.

Q: How do bulldogs get in heat?

Female French bulldogs come into heat every six to eight months, and they can go through two or three cycles each year if not spayed. Although the actual length of the cycle may vary from dog to dog, generally, it lasts for about four weeks. Most experts recommend that your Frenchie be at least one year old before she’s desexed (spayed).

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