Can you Shave a Pug Without Wounds? Here are Some Tips

Pugs are adorable, but they have a lot of furs, and that makes grooming them a chore for some owners. Some Pug owners will shave their dogs to help keep them cooler and help reduce shedding. But can you shave a pug without any razer wounds? Well, I’m here to answer that question for you today.

The Pug fur plays a huge role in protecting your pooch. The soft coat not only helps to protect it from the sun’s rays, but also helps to repel dirt and moisture that might harm your pet. While the shaggy coat can cause a bit of extra maintenance during grooming, leaving it intact is going to be best for your pet’s health and well-being.

can you shave a pug

So Can You Shave a Pug?

The Pug coat plays an important role in protecting your dog from the elements, and it also helps protect them from bacteria and other germs. The fur on your Pug’s back provides extra protection from the sun, while the hair around the muzzle helps keep their sensitive skin protected. The hair around a Pug’s eyes will work to protect her corneas, and it also provides protection from windblown debris.

There are different opinions on whether shaving a Pug is good or bad. However, if you do decide that shaving your dog is necessary, there are several things you need to know before taking a razor to your pet.


  • Pugs that are shaved will require more grooming than those with their natural coat. There will be more shedding and you will need to brush and comb your dog more often. But if you find the right tools and don’t mind spending a little extra time on grooming, you can keep your dog comfortable in the summer heat without shaving them.
  • A professional groomer can shave off excess hair, leaving the coat at a length that won’t bother your dog during warmer months or cause her discomfort.
  • If your dog has skin allergies or gets hot easily, shaving could be a good option for keeping him cool in the summertime. To help prevent sunburn or sun poisoning, apply sunscreen before taking your dog out into the hot summer sun.
can you shave a pug

Woman groomer doing spa treatment for the small beautiful dog – pug breed, blow drying, combing and making a manicure for the dog in a bright big professional dog spa room


  • If you choose to shave your dog’s hair, be aware that you could be exposing her to serious health problems as well as placing unnecessary strain on her body.
  • Pugs have double coats that serve a purpose — to keep them warm in winter and cool in summer. But their soft, fine undercoat can cause serious problems when it is shaved off.
  • Trying to shave a Pug can be tricky because of their large, round body and short legs. The hair on their abdomen, chest, and back grows longer than on the rest of their body. This is known as furnishings. If you’re going to shave your Pug, you may want to consider leaving some of these furnishings intact to provide more protection from the sun.


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How Do I Shave My Pug?

However, if you’re looking for a less messy pet, shaving your Pug might be a good option to consider. But be careful; shaving an improperly groomed dog can be just as painful as regular shedding!

Here are some tips for shaving a Pug:

  1. Ask your vet if it’s safe to shave your dog. Your veterinarian should examine your dog first to ensure that he or she is healthy enough for the procedure. Your dog may require special shampoos or other medications before being shaved.
  2. Get the right tools for the job. You’ll need a high-quality pair of clippers, a fine-toothed comb, scissors and a measuring tape.
  3. Start with short strokes from the top of your dog’s head down its back and backside, working toward its tailbone.
  4. Trim hair around the face and ears by starting at the chin then moving upwards.

If you follow the tips you will come across the best way to shave your pug but if you consider a pug coat for protection from sun then leaving the idea of shaving pug would be a good choice.
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Q: Does shaving hurt pugs?

It actually depends, the way you use it while shaving. Sometimes the razor and instruments may cause the wounds and on the other hands shaved skin may become sun affected.

Q: Does a shaving pug affect its shedding?

The short, fine undercoat sheds constantly, but the long outer hair is shed less frequently. Shaving a pug won’t affect its shedding because it just sheds shorter hairs, not fewer.

Q: Does shaved hair grow faster?

The myth that pugs shed less because they’re shaved down is not true: they simply shed shorter hair. If you shave the pug, he might just grow back an even thicker coat that could make him look like a lion instead of a pug.

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