Dog Swallowed a Balloon: What to Do Easily

If you have a dog, then you’ve probably dealt with the dog swallowed a balloon g they shouldn’t have. This is what happened to me just the other day. My dog was running around my apartment, and I turned away for just one second. When I turned back around, he had this red balloon in his mouth! It took some coaxing, but he finally let it go. But now I’m left wondering…what should I do?

dog swallowed a balloon

Why is this happening?

One of the most common things that dogs swallow is a balloon. And it’s not just because they’re curious and want to play with them – sometimes they mistake them for toys. According to the ASPCA, balloons are one of the top five items that get stuck in dog throats.

The reasons are that balloons are one of the most common items dogs swallow, and they can cause an allergic reaction if ingested. If your dog has eaten a balloon, take it to the vet as soon as possible!

If you’re like me and have a dog that likes to eat everything in sight, then make sure you keep an eye on them.

What to do if your dog swallows a balloon?

If your dog swallows something, whether it’s a balloon or another item, don’t try to pull it out. You could cause more damage by doing this and end up getting hurt yourself! If your dog is choking on an object that has become stuck in their throat (meaning they’re still conscious), perform the Heimlich maneuver first before trying other methods like water or peanut butter. This will dislodge the object if done properly. Then take them to the vet immediately after because there may be internal bleeding which can make things even worse for your dog.

dog swallowed a balloon

dog swallowed a balloon

How to Know if Your Dog Swallowed a Balloon

One of the first things a dog owner should do is make sure that their dog hasn’t swallowed anything. If your dog has been acting strangely, then there’s a chance they’ve eaten something – and it could be a balloon! It will cause them to vomit after some time if they have. Also, watch out for drooling, as this can also mean your dog has ingested an object such as a toy or even a bottle cap, which may result in choking later on down the line.

What are the dangers of swallowing a balloon?

Besides the fact that it can get stuck in their throat, other dangers are associated with a dog swallowing a balloon. Balloons are made of latex, and if your dog eats one, they run the risk of developing an allergic reaction to it. This is because dogs don’t have enzymes in their stomachs to break down latex which can cause them to vomit, have diarrhea or even develop blisters on their skin. So if you see your dog has swallowed a balloon, make sure to take them to the vet as soon as possible!


Fatal Conditions: Once swallowed, the balloon can cause many problems.

While it is unlikely to cause death, the dog can choke or suffocate.

The dog may also suffer from internal bleeding, which could be very dangerous. If there are any signs of drooling and/or vomiting, take your dog to a vet immediately as they might have ingested another item that’s gotten stuck in their throat. The dog will ingest something if not observed!

dog swallowed a balloon

dog swallowed a balloon

dog swallowed a balloon

Prevention measures

– dog owners should always be aware of their dog’s surroundings

– make sure to give your dog plenty of attention and exercise as well as mental stimulation!

– keep balloons away from dogs at all times.

Keeping the house safe for a dog is very important if you want them to avoid swallowing something that could cause harm or death. You can prevent this by making sure they’re correctly exercised, don’t have time unsupervised in the home, and are given enough attention so that they aren’t bored, which may lead to chewing on items such as balloons found around the house. If possible, try giving your dog toys made specifically for the – ones without any small parts or chemicals inside them since these objects might also get swallowed with disastrous consequences.

So concluding this article, dog owners should always be aware of their dog’s surroundings and take necessary precautions to avoid unfortunate incidents like this. If you do suspect that your dog has swallowed something, don’t wait – take them to the vet as soon as possible! This is a severe matter and can have fatal consequences if not treated promptly. Thank you for reading.

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