Top 7 Things You Need for a Pug Puppy: Beginner’s Checklist

If you are considering adopting or purchasing a pug puppy, it’s important to make sure you have the things you need for a Pug Puppy and their new home. This beginner’s checklist will help ensure that your pug has everything they need!

things you need for a pug puppy

pug dog

Where to get advice: veterinarians, trainers, groomers?

Veterinarians and trainers know the things you need for a pug puppy. They can provide you with the best advice for your specific situation and may also offer discounts on services. Groomers are a good resource, especially if you plan to do some of the grooming yourself.

When looking for a veterinarian, be sure to ask around and read reviews. You should also visit the vet’s office to make sure it is clean and comfortable. The same goes for trainers – you want someone who has experience with pugs and can help you develop a training plan that works for both of you.

The things you need for a pug puppy will vary depending on your circumstances, but there are some basics that every new pup needs. Here are the top seven things:

Here are the 7 Things You Need for a Pug Puppy

Food and water bowls

For your pug puppy, you’ll need two separate food and water bowls. Make careful to select dishes that are simple to clean and last a long time; they should also fit in the dishwasher or sink for convenient cleaning.

A collar and leash

Pugs are a breed that loves to explore, so it’s important to have a collar and leash handy when you take them for walks. Make sure the collar is properly fitted, and the leash is of good quality.
things you need for a pug puppy

Identification tags

If your pug gets lost, it’s important to have identification tags with your contact information on them. There are several places you can get these made.

A good quality dog food

Pugs are prone to obesity, so it’s important that you choose high-quality dog food. The things you need for your pug puppy will vary depending on age, activity level, and size. Be sure to ask your veterinarian which is best for your pet.

Puppy toys

things you need for a pug puppy

Sleepy cute pug with toy from the front

Puppies need plenty of stimulation, and what better way to provide it than with toys! Choose a variety of toys so your puppy can have something new to play with each day.

Grooming supplies

Pugs require regular grooming, just like other breeds. Brushes, combs, shampoo, and conditioner for dogs are all items you’ll need. Consult with your groomer or veterinarian about the best dog supplies to use.

Crate or other designated sleeping area.

Pugs are prone to snoring, so you may want to consider giving them their own designated sleeping area. This could be a crate or an enclosed bed. Placing the crate in a quiet, dark place will help your pug get the most restful sleep possible.

With these seven things in mind, you can be sure that your new pug puppy will have everything they need to thrive! Be sure to ask your veterinarian and other professionals for advice on what else might be helpful. And enjoy this new chapter in your life – puppies are amazing!

things you need for a pug puppy

Where to buy: where to buy food, bedding, toys, etc.

There are several locations where you can buy everything you need for a pug puppy. Pet shops, supermarkets, and online retailers all sell food, bedding, toys, and other goods. When looking for a place to get dog supplies, read reviews and compare prices carefully, make sure you’re getting the best possible bargain!

things you need for a pug puppy

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Bottom Line

These are things you need for a pug puppy to have everything they need! Be sure to ask your veterinarian, trainer, or groomer for advice on what things are best for your dog’s needs. When looking at food, bedding, and toys, be sure to read reviews online before purchasing anything.

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” – Roger Caras. This is especially true for pugs, who bring so much joy to their owners’ lives. Thank you for reading!

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Q: 13 w/o puppy getting increasingly fussy in the crate, but can’t have bedding or soft toys inside or she will pee on them. What to do?

A: Try a different crate

Put a sheet or tarp over the crate to create a dark and quiet space.

Q: What are some things I need for a Pug Puppy?

A: Food and water bowls, collar and leash, identification tags, good quality dog food, puppy toys, grooming supplies (brushes, combs, shampoo, and conditioner specifically designed for dogs), crate, or other designated sleeping area.

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