When do Pugs Calm Down? Some Tips to Calm Them Down

Pugs are adorable, but when they get too excited, it can be hard to calm them down. If you want to know when do pugs calm down and how to make them stop barking or whining, then look no further! Here are some tips that will help you with your problem pup.

when do pugs calm down

What to Expect From a Pug Puppy

When you bring a pug puppy home, there are some behaviors that you can expect. For example, when they get excited and want to play with toys or interact with other dogs, they may bark loudly and whine when it is time for them to calm down. They might also try to nip at your feet when they want attention from their humans!

While the average age of a pug puppy is around 15 months old (some older ones exist), most people get rid of their new pet when he gets too rowdy due to his size and personality. It isn’t always easy dealing with such an energetic dog when we have busy lives already, but if this sounds like you, don’t worry.

when do pugs calm down

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Are pugs active or lazy?

Pugs are both active and lazy when it comes to their personalities. They like to play, but when they get tired or bored, then you might see them snoozing away on the sofa with a favorite toy in their mouth. When pugs calm down, they can be very cuddly and affectionate with their owners; there is nothing better than when your dog gives you his paw

What Age Do Pugs Calm Down?

However, when a dog becomes an adult (about 18 months old), he starts calming down. Just like us humans! At this point in time, the puppy will start sleeping more than usual and won’t be so excited about playing with toys or other dogs at all times of the day. This is when you can relax on your couch for hours without having to worry about him waking you up from his barking or whining! It’s definitely worth waiting around until then if it means less stress during the weekdays when we’re already stressed by work and school/college/uni commitments.

How to calm your pug down?

If you have a pug that doesn’t stop barking when he gets excited, then consider getting him one of those anti-bark devices. These are small electronic gadgets that emit high-pitched noises when your dog barks excessively to tell them off and make them be quiet. This is helpful for when they bark at other dogs or strangers walking by because it will distract their attention from the stimulus and refocus all their energy on something else!

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5 Tips to Calm Them Down

  • Get them an anti-bark device 
  • Play with them when they’re excited 
  • Let them sleep when they need to 
  • Give them lots of attention and love when they calm down 
  • Reward good behavior with treats or petting! 

How are pugs different from other dogs?

Pugs are different from other dogs when it comes to when they calm down. They get excited easily, and that can be difficult when you have a busy life already! However, if you want to love and affection, then the pug is the pet for you because when he calms down, he becomes very cuddly and loving towards his humans. Just make sure to find out when your dog will calm down by reading these tips


What are some signs of when Pugs Calm Down?

If your pup gets tired or bored easily but still wants attention from their owners, then this might help them stay quiet during certain times of day, which don’t interfere with work commitments, etc…


When do Pugs calm down?

If you’re wondering when do pugs calm down, then this is definitely for you! Pugs are very energetic when they first arrive home with their new owners, but as soon as 18 months old hits, they calm down.

This means that the barking and whining will stop because your cute little puppy won’t be so excited anymore – he’ll sleep more hours during the day/night, which can make life easier when it comes to having an active dog around all times of the day.


When do male and female pugs calm down?

Pugs, both male and female, will start to calm down when they reach around 18 months old. This is when their personality changes, and they become more relaxed overall – sleeping more and not being as active as when they were puppies. It’s definitely worth waiting until this stage if you’re looking for a calmer dog that won’t be so energetic all the time!
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What are the most important things to consider when training a pug?

  • Train them with food, not harsh punishments or yelling
  • Keep your voice calm and use baby talk when they’re misbehaving – don’t repeat yourself too much either!
  • Don’t stop when they’re doing something wrong because this will reassure them that it’s ok. Instead, just let go of their leash/toy, etc… and walk away from them until they calm down on their own. Then try again when you think they are ready!

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Final Word On Hyperactivity In Pugs

So there you have it – when do pugs calm down? Some tips to remember when your pup is getting too excited and won’t stop barking or whining. Just make sure that you’re consistent when training them and use positive reinforcement with treats or petting when they obey! As long as you remain patient, your pug will definitely learn how to behave properly in public and around other people/dogs. Thanks for reading!

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Q: Do puppies calm down after neutering?

A: Yes, when male pugs are neutered, they do calm down. This is because when they reach sexual maturity, their hormones will start to kick in, and this can lead to more hyperactivity. Neutering at an early age (before six months) will help to avoid this from happening.

Q: Do dogs calm down as they get older

A: However, when male pugs reach sexual maturity, their hormones will start to kick in, and this can lead to more hyperactivity, so if you want a calmer pup, then it’s best to neuter them before six months old.

Q: Cutting my dog’s nails makes pug nervous; how do I overcome it?

A: If your dog is nervous when you cut their nails, then it’s best to start when they are young. For example, try touching them when you feed them or let them sniff the clippers before using them on their paws. This will make things easier in the long run!

Q: My dad’s pug attacked me and bit me badly. How do I get over this?

A: If your pug has never shown any signs of aggression before when you’ve tried to touch them etc… then it’s probably best to wait until the wound heals and try again. It might not be comfortable for him/her when you do this, but if they are normally friendly dogs, they will calm down eventually when their paw is touched!

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