Why are Shih Tzu so aggressive? Learn How to Deal with it

Shih Tzu dogs are incredibly playful and loving pets, making them a good choice for those who have plenty of time to devote to them. They are perhaps most fearless, always following their masters everywhere they go. The Shih Tzu can be difficult to train because they have a mind of their own, but it is well worth any effort put into it as they can be so rewarding. In this blog post, we will discuss why Shih Tzus get aggressive and some tips on how to handle it.

shih tzu getting aggressive

Upset Shih Tzu

How Aggressive Are Shih Tzu?

Shih Tzus are considered less aggressive than some other small breed dogs. They are not naturally territorial and only become aggressive when they feel threatened. They are generally not dangerous to children, as they are not naturally strong.

Unfortunately, certain dogs that have not been adequately socialized as pups become hostile.

Why is Shih Tzu getting aggressive?

Reasons Why Shih Tzu Become Violent

Lack of Training 

Shih Tzus can be very difficult to train, significantly if they are not firmed up early. Take time to present your Shih Tzu with a daily lesson throughout their day so they can complete your demands. As they awaken and stretch in the morning is the prime time to train a Shih Tzu.

Since Shih Tzu can be shown as cute animals, some owners believe this should mean that their furry friend should always be happy and amicable, even when it’s showing signs of being annoyed or uneasy. In some cases, owners may try to alleviate their pets until they learn to tolerate unpleasant or uncomfortable conditions.

Fear: One of the most typical causes of Shih Tzus becoming irritated is fear. This might be due to the dog’s concern for other dogs, people, loud noises, or new situations. If your Shih Tzu behaves in a tranquil and pleasant manner as you would when scaring him or her, offer him or her lots of positive reinforcement.

Some Shih Tzus may become aggressive as a method of defending their family and home from potential danger. This sort of fury is generally caused by something the dog thinks is a hazard, such as an intruder or another animal encroaching on their territory.

There are several reasons why a Shih Tzu may become aggressive, but most problems may be handled with enough training and socialization. If your Shih Tzu shows aggressiveness, see your veterinarian to rule out any medical causes. If you suspect that your dog is becoming increasingly angry or dissatisfied, you should contact an expert immediately.

shih tzu getting aggressive

Shih Tzu is getting aggressive from medical conditions.

Although not a typical cause of aggressiveness, when a Shih Tzu is ill, he or she can show indications of hostility. These situations might cause discomfort and even harm your Shih Tzu’s capacity to function correctly, resulting in aggressive behavior. Some of the medical conditions that might produce sudden or inexplicable aggression include:

Incontinence: Incontinence is a prevalent issue for older dogs with poor mobility and back leg issues. This can happen because a dog becomes disoriented more easily if it feels unstable on its feet. If left untreated, incontinence can become a huge problem for any pet parent to deal with. In many cases, it will also lead to separation anxiety since the dog will be anxious about being in a situation that leaves him or her exposed.

When Shih Tzus are left alone for long periods without human interaction or attention, they may develop medical issues and behavioral consequences. Separation anxiety is more common in dogs who are kept for long periods of time without human contact or attention, which causes them to become aggressive.

When these pets are left at home alone for extended lengths of time, they may act out violently due to frustration, fear, and loneliness. It typically gets worse with time if this behavior isn’t treated immediately.


Possessive aggression

When a dog senses something or someone is threatening its territory, belongings, or family, this sort of aggression is typical. It’s common in dogs that haven’t been adequately socialized and might be provoked by anything from another animal approaching its space to people getting too close to their feeding bowl or toys.

Possessive aggression is aggressive behavior that can be dangerous since it frequently leads to fights with other animals or people. If your Shih Tzu starts behaving possessively aggressive, see a behavioral expert for advice on educating him and addressing the underlying concerns.


Leader of the pack aggressiveness

This aggressive behavior is exhibited by dogs that have not been well-socialized or trained. They may be petrified of most people and animals in their setting, especially if they are disciplined with harsh punishment and dominance training techniques like alpha rolls, and scruff shakes. These techniques simply add to the dog’s anxiety and stress, making it even more violent.

If you suspect that your Shih Tzu might be displaying signs of pack leader aggression, it is important to never force him or her onto their backs (alpha roll). Instead, reward calm and relaxed behavior while ignoring any forms of anxious tension. Never make physical contact like hugging until your Shih Tzu steps away on its own, although this can take several weeks or months to achieve.


What Should You Do If  Your Shih tzu getting aggressive?

If any of the issues mentioned above are seen in your Shih Tzu, you should visit your veterinarian to rule out any medical concerns. If left unaddressed, these types of aggressiveness might frequently lead to fights with other dogs or humans.


What Should I Do If My Shih Tzu Puppy Keeps Biting?

There are a few things you may try if you’re having trouble stopping your Shih Tzu puppy from biting. Starting socializing with your dog as soon as possible is one of the essential tasks to do right now. This will teach them how to interact appropriately with people and other animals. Begin obedience training as quickly as possible also.

This will assist you in preparing your puppy with basic commands and good etiquette skills. Finally, provide lots of chew toys and goodies for your pet to play with to keep him or her occupied and away from biting.

shih tzu getting aggressive

A dog is a man’s most faithful four-legged friend.


Does Shih Tzu puppies are aggressive, Generally?

No, Shih Tzus are not aggressive by nature. They can, however, show indications of aggression based on their personality and the environment they are reared in. It’s crucial to be aware of these potential behaviors and address them if they appear.

Why is my male Shih Tzu so aggressive?

Male Shih Tzus may be more aggressive than female Shih Tzus. There might be various reasons behind this, such as genetics, lack of socialization and training, or even medical issues. If your Shih Tzu displays any symptoms of aggressiveness, consult your veterinarian immediately to rule out anything serious.

What to do for my itchy Shih Tzu aggressive?

When Shih Tzus are itchy, they can become quite violent. They might behave this way when their owner comes to collect them while they’re engaged in a good location for itching. To deal with the problem, you’ll need to clean up any existing allergies in your home and give your dog plenty of nutritious chews.

How do I stop/train my aggressive dog to not kill me?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to this question since the best approach to prevent an aggressive dog from attacking may differ based on the dog’s personality and behavior. However, obedience training, positive reinforcement, and giving your pet enough exercise and stimulation are all good ideas.

My dog gets aggressive when touched, kinda slow-moving as well, Wy?

This response is commonly linked to neurological diseases. If your dog becomes angry or sluggish when touched, you must see your veterinarian eliminate any physical causes.

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