9 Reasons Why Do Pugs Lick You and 4 Tips for Stopping Them

Pugs are cute, but they tend to lick people. This is something that most pug owners can attest to. If you find your pug licking you all the time, there are some things that you can do about it! We’ve compiled nine reasons why do pugs lick you and four solutions for stopping them from licking so much.

why do pugs lick you

Why do Pugs lick you?

There are many reasons why your pug might lick you. This article will explore nine of the most common reasons why they do this and four tips for stopping them from licking so much.

9 Reasons Why does my pug lick so much?

Reason #01: Seeking Attention

One of the most common reasons why a pug might lick you is because they are seeking attention. If your dog isn’t getting enough love and attention from you, they may start to look for it in other ways – like by licking your face!

Reason #02: Licking a Form of Communication

Pugs use licking as a form of communication. If they want something, or if they’re trying to tell you something, they may lick you.

Reason #03: Licking as a Way of Relieving Stress

Pugs can get stressed out just like any other animal. When they’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious, they may start to lick you as a way of relieving that stress.

Reason #04: Licking as a Sign of Submission

In some cases, pugs may start licking you as a sign of submission. If your dog feels like they are lower in the pack than you, they may start to lick you as a way of showing their submission.

Reason #05: They Think it’s Cleaning Themselves

Pugs may think that you are licking them to clean their fur. If your pug gets really dirty, this can be an attractive solution for them!

Reason #06: Mouth Itching

If your pug has an itch in its mouth, they may try to lick it. If you see them doing this, be sure to offer some help! You can use a cotton swab or cloth with warm water on it to clean the area for them. This is one of the best natural ways for treating common dog ailments like itching and licking themselves too much.

Reason #07: Dominance.

They Think That It’s Part of Their Food Dish When eating, many dogs will swipe each other’s faces as a way of showing dominance over that other dog. Since pugs are relatively small compared to most breeds of dogs – including bulldogs – they might think that when you put food into their dish that it’s also okay for them to lick your face.

Reason #08: They’re Tired and Want to Go to Bed

In the same way that humans might want a hug or kiss when they’re tired, pugs may also seek out physical contact when they’re feeling sleepy. If you see your dog licking you right before bedtime, it’s likely because they just want some love and attention before falling asleep.

Reason #09: Their Tongue is too Wet

Sometimes, a pug’s tongue will be so wet that it starts to feel like another set of lips on your skin. This can be an extremely pleasurable sensation for some people – which is why your dog may keep licking!

why do pugs lick you

How Can I Stop My Pug from Licking Me?

Now that you know some of the reasons why your pug may be licking you, it’s time to learn how to stop them! Here are four tips for doing just that.

Tip #01: Ignore Them When They Lick You

If your dog is licking you for attention, one way to discourage them is to simply ignore them when they do this. If they can’t get a reaction from you, they will likely stop lickings sooner rather than later.

Tip #02: Use a Spray Bottle with Water

If your dog is licking you because they’re feeling stressed out or anxious, using a spray bottle with water can be an effective way of stopping them. The

sound of the water and the sensation of it hitting their skin will likely deter them from licking you again.

Tip #03: Give Them a Bone or Toy to Lick

If your dog is licking you because they think that it’s part of their food dish, give them a bone or toy to lick instead. This will satisfy their need to lick without having to do it on your person.

Tip #04: Talk to Your Vet About It

If you’ve tried all of the above tips and your pug is still licking you excessively, it may be time to talk to your vet about it. There could be an underlying medical reason why they are doing this, and getting help from a professional is always the best.

why do pugs lick you

Man waking up with the sun feeling love hugging with his cute small dog – pug breed in the bed

Enjoyable or annoying?

Enjoyable. It’s a good way for them to show love and affection if they are feeling stressed or anxious about something, but I do get annoyed when they lick me after eating because their tongue is so wet!

Licking can be an extremely pleasurable sensation for some people – which is why your dog may keep licking you.

Negative effects of Pugs licking people.

The main negative effect of pugs licking people is that it can be really annoying, and it’s a sign that they may be feeling stressed or anxious about something. Also, if their tongue is wet from eating, it can feel like another set of lips on your skin and be really unpleasant.

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The bottom line

Pugs licking people can be both enjoyable and annoying, depending on the situation. If you’re trying to stop your pug from licking you, try one of the tips listed above – they may work for your pup!

why do pugs lick you

A purebred pug puppy licks the face of his new owner, a young girl who has just adopted the pet dog.


Q: Dog licked goose poop – is it safe?

A: There might be germs on goose droppings that your dog may ingest if they lick it, so it’s best to avoid this behavior.

Q: My dog licks my belly button – why?

A: This can be caused by a variety of factors. Some reasons are that they’re attempting to demonstrate dominance over you, or their tongue is wet from eating and feels like another mouth on your skin!

Q: Why does my dog lick up my spit?

A: It’s possible that they’re attempting to show you affection, or it’s just a strange quirk of their personality. Either way, if the behavior worries you, consider one of our suggestions for stopping them from licking!

Q: Why does my dog lick everything?

A: pugs are often very curious about their surroundings and will likely want to investigate anything new that enters into your home. This may include furniture, tables, doorways – even people! While some licking can be cute (and potentially delicious), too much of it is not ideal.

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